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XSportsbook.com is proud to be a part of the onshore and offshore sports wagering industry in the USA. We are long time participants in legal sports wagering in the state of Nevada and finally the rest of the country will have the same right to gamble on any venture they choose as an adult. No longer will you be required to fly to Las Vegas or wager online with a company in some country you have never heard of. Today you can gamble in Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Nevada…..more coming all of the time.

Over 25 years of sports & casino experience
Corporate casino experience in Las Vegas (gaming and marketing analytics).
Over 25 years of sports wagering in Nevada.
Over a decade of online sports wagering and marketing for offshore sportsbooks.

I am happy to finally be able to use my extensive online marketing and sports wagering experience with offshore sportsbooks in the United States. I hope to help you make better decisions on how to wager and on where to wager. Everyone at XSportsbook.com looks forward to the future of legal sports betting in the United States and we are looking forward to your feedback on our reviews. Please do not hesitate to comment on your experiences. Understand that rude or offensive remarks will most likely not be able to be published but critical reviews are a normal part of business


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