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Super Bowl Prop Bet &  Same Game Parlay Picks

Our Super Bowl betting model is based on 7 years and over 75,000 player prop bet results. We correlate the proposition results to game spread and totals results.

NFL Super Bowl 58 Prop Bet & Same Game Parlay Predictions

Super Bowl 58 Same Game Parlay Research

  • Prop Bet Results
  • Same Game Parlay Correlations

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Super Bowl 2023 Predictions & Analytics – 37 FREE pages

Super Bowl 57 Prop Analytics & Results Chiefs vs Eagles PDF

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Super Bowl Prop Bet Picks

There are a lot of Super Bowl prop betting odds up. Most of them are the carnival type of bets. Coin toss, National Anthem and a lot more like that. XSportsbook is a data driven NFL prop betting model. We make predictions on the same type of prop bets that are available every week of the season. This allows us to use over 15,000 player prop betting results from just the 2023 regular season.

If you want action on the cross sports or carny bets. Good luck. If you are looking to make real money bets based on thousands of actual betting results then XSportsbook Super Bowl Prop Bet Picks are for you.

Super Bowl Same Game Parlay

If you are going to parlay your Super Bowl prop bets and game bets then learning the correlations is vital to winning. XSportsbook pioneered correlation betting. We will be using actual game spread and prop bet correlations with game total and prop bet correlations to put you in the best position to win your bets. If a player goes over on his prop 10 times in a season and the team covered the point spread in 9 of those 10 games. Would you like to know it?

Then check back daily as XSportsbook updates more player prop and game prop correlations you can use.

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