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Currently there are no retail or onshore sportsbooks in Idaho. The outlook for the State passing the legislation to have retail sports betting still looks far off. However, there are sports betting options for Idaho residents. There are several licensed online sportsbooks that are available today. The offshore sportsbooks also offer the advantage of using just one account for the USA instead of opening a new account every time you cross state lines.

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Betting on Treasure Valley Turf: A History of Sports Betting in Idaho (2014-2024)

Idaho, the state known for its stunning wilderness, whitewater rivers, and the vibrant Boise State Broncos, carries a unique relationship with sports. While passion for local teams burns bright, the question of retail sports betting remains firmly in the “no” camp. This article delves into the history of sports betting in Idaho, focusing on the past decade and the ongoing debate surrounding its potential legalization.

Pre-2014: A Landscape Rooted in Prohibition

Like many Western states, Idaho has a long history of gambling restrictions. The state constitution, adopted in 1890, strictly prohibits “any lottery, gift enterprise, or other scheme for the disposal or distribution of property by chance.” This effectively banned all forms of gambling, including sports betting, for well over a century.

2014-2018: A Glimmer of Hope with PASPA’s Fall

The 2018 Supreme Court decision striking down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) sent ripples across the nation, paving the way for individual states to legalize and regulate sports betting. This sent a wave of optimism through Idaho, where the potential economic benefits and increased tourism revenue from retail sports betting were seen as enticing.

2019-2022: Stalled Progress and Legislative Hurdles

Despite the initial enthusiasm, the following years saw no significant progress towards retail sports betting in Idaho. While bills like SB 1449 (2020) and HB 636 (2022) proposed various frameworks for retail wagering, ultimately failed to gain enough traction.

Several factors contributed to these setbacks:

  • Religious opposition: Powerful religious groups within the state voiced strong moral objections to gambling, arguing that it could lead to social ills like addiction and financial hardship.
  • Concerns about social costs: Legislators expressed concerns about the potential negative impacts of gambling on communities, including addiction, problem gambling, and organized crime activity.
  • Limited scope of legalization proposals: Some stakeholders felt the proposed bills didn’t offer enough options or control mechanisms, leading to concerns about the potential for wider gambling expansion.

2023-Present: A Persistent Simmering, But No Eruption Yet

As of February 2024, no new legislative attempts have emerged for retail sports betting in Idaho. However, the issue remains a topic of public discussion and debate. Public opinion polls consistently show a divided population, with strong support for legalization among some demographics and continued opposition from others.

Beyond the Binary: A Nuanced Approach

The debate surrounding sports betting in Idaho transcends a simple “yes” or “no” answer. It’s a complex issue intertwined with cultural values, economic considerations, and responsible gambling practices. Finding a solution that addresses all stakeholders’ concerns will be key.

Some potential alternatives include:

  • Limited forms of betting: Focusing on specific sports or events, like major national championships, could mitigate concerns about widespread gambling.
  • State-run lottery system: A government-controlled lottery offering sports betting options could provide a regulated and controlled alternative.
  • Increased funding for responsible gambling programs: Investing in programs that educate individuals about responsible gambling and support those struggling with addiction could help address social concerns.

Looking Ahead: Charting an Uncertain Course

Predicting the future of sports betting in Idaho is no easy feat. The state stands at a crossroads, with the potential benefits of a regulated market weighed against the perceived social costs. Several factors could influence the outcome:

  • Shifting public opinion: As younger generations with more exposure to legalized sports betting in other states come of age, public support for legalization might continue to grow.
  • Economic considerations: The potential for increased revenue and job creation could prove persuasive, particularly in the face of economic challenges.
  • National landscape: The evolving national landscape of sports betting and its impact on federal regulations could influence Idaho’s approach.
  • Continued dialogue and education: Open discussions between stakeholders, coupled with comprehensive education about responsible gambling practices, could help build consensus and inform future decisions.


While Idaho remains one of the few states with no retail sports betting, its journey reflects a complex narrative of initial excitement, legislative roadblocks, and ongoing debate. As the national conversation surrounding sports betting evolves, Idaho will need to navigate its unique cultural values, economic needs, and social concerns to determine its own path forward. Whether the Treasure Valley embraces the thrill of legalized wagers or maintains its strict prohibition remains to be seen, but the story is far from over.

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