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It is unlikely that retail sports betting will become available in Alaska in the near future. However, some attempts have been made to initiate the process of legalization. In February 2022, Representative Adam Wool presented a bill (HB 385) that would authorize and regulate online sports betting in the state. Although the bill was still before the House Labor and Commerce Committee when the Alaska Legislature adjourned in May 2022, it is expected to be considered again when the Legislature reconvenes on January 23, 2023.

Current Legal Status of Sports Betting in Alaska Presently, there are no onshore options for sports betting in Alaska. Offshore sportsbooks are currently the only option available to Alaska residents. Similarly, betting on horse racing is not legal in the state, and advance deposit wagering websites do not accept bets from Alaska.

The only form of “gambling” available in Alaska is playing bingo and video pull tab machines at one of the three bingo halls located on tribal land. Alaska is also one of the five states in the US without a state lottery.

Timeline of Sports Betting in Alaska

  • February 22, 2022: Representative Adam Wool introduces HB 385, which would legalize and regulate online sports betting in Alaska and tax daily fantasy sports and online sports betting revenue. The bill was referred to the Labor and Commerce Committee but was not acted upon before the Legislature adjourned in May 2022.
  • February 12, 2020: Governor Mike Dunleavy attempts to legalize sports betting and a state lottery by introducing legislation that includes sports betting as a lottery game. The bill failed to progress from committee in either chamber.
  • 2008: A measure to authorize gambling facilities in the state is defeated in a vote, with 61.36% voting against it.
  • 2003: A bill to legalize a state lottery is introduced but does not progress from committee.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I bet on sports in Alaska? Yes, there are offshore options for sports betting in Alaska.
  • Can I bet on horse racing legal in Alaska? Yes, the same online sportsbooks that offer sports wagering also offer wagering on horse racing.
  • Can I bet on sports on my phone in Alaska? If you have a data plan or access to WIFI then you can use them to place wagers online.
  • What about retail betting in Alaska? Currently the only retail betting option is on dog sled races and that is run by charitable organizations.
  • A brief experiment with cruise ship gambling existed in 1995, but the law was not renewed due to limited revenue generation and ethical concerns.
  • The future of sports betting in Alaska remains uncertain. There are no active legislative efforts underway, and public opinion appears somewhat divided on the issue.

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