US Legal Sportsbook Directory 2020

A list of online & land sportsbooks where US customers can bet on sports legally

There are many States where sports betting is legal right now and there are more getting ready to make it legal. XSportsbook will be your source for online sportsbook and sports betting apps reviews. That is our specialty and along with the reviews you will also get a list of sports betting bonus codes. We will also be providing the latest event driven promotions on our promotions page. An excellent resource to find out which sportsbook is offering a Super Bowl or March Madness betting promotion. 

Below you will find the top sportsbooks from around the country. US sports betting is still a state by state legal system. To see if you can bet today in your state, check our individual state betting pages. If sports betting is legal in your state then read our sportsbook reviews and take a look at the different sports betting bonus codes we have to offer. 

US Legal Sportsbook Directory April 2020

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Sportsbooks by State