NFL Player Prop Bet Correlations 2021

NFL Player Prop Bet Correlations 2021

NFL Same Game Parlay Correlations

NFL player prop correlations 2021 is vital to the expanding world of same game parlay betting. Which player covers the over on his prop bets when his team covers the game point spread? Which one is more likely to cover the over on his passing yards prop when his team loses against the point spread?

These are important questions to know the answer to if you are going to be making same game parlay bets.

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2021 NFL Player Prop Bet Correlations

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How to Use NFL Player Prop Bet Correlations Database

Example : Type Tom Brady into the PLAYER tab of the database. You will see that overall, Tom Brady went over on 45 player props and under on 39. Close to 50% on each one. However, if you did a little research you would notice that not all props and not all correlations were close to 50/50.

Look at the Passing ATT prop bet results. When the Buccaneers covered the point spread he went over 4 times and under 4 times. But, when Tampa Bay failed to cover the spread he went over 7 times and under 1 time. If you like the Buccaneers opponent to cover the spread then adding Tom Brady to go over on his passing attempts prop would have been a nice boost to your same game parlay.

Another Example: Aaron Jones rushing attempts prop

  • Game Total Over – Prop Bets 2 Over – 0 Under
  • Game Total Under – Prop Bets 1 Over – 7 Under

Jones had a nice correlation between him going under on his prop and the game total going under.

NFL Prop Bet Correlations Database

The DB has prop bet results based on five criteria.

  1. All = all prop bet results,
  2. Cover = win against the spread,
  3. Loss = loss against the spread,
  4. Over = game total over,
  5. Under = game total under.

Prop bet correlations equal too or over 75.0% are highlighted in green and prop bet correlations equal too or below 25.0% are highlighted in red.

NFL Same Game Parlay Bets

Are you waging on same game parlays at Draftkings or MyBookie? Do you even know the odds of your bet winning? NFL player prop and game results are a great way to have some fun watching football on Sunday. Know what is even more fun? Winning some or your bets.

You know about the basic betting stats of how a team does against the spread but do you know how a player does when his team covers the point spread? You can if you want to. XSportsbook has posted the full 2021 NFL prop bet results for free to use. Just take a few moments to see if your player is more likely to go over on his prop bet if his team goes over on the game total. Why not do this?

NFL Multi Team Prop Bets

Another way to take advantage of this information is to take a prop bet and a game bet from one game and add it onto a prop bet and a game bet from another game. You would have four bets on your same game parlay bet.


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