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How To Close or Delete Your FanDuel Account

If you are going to close or delete your Fanduel account please be aware than you can not really DELETE the account. Your information will still remain in the Fanduel database and the reason for this is to make sure that you do not try and open another account and get another welcome bonus. 

You can CLOSE your account and if you decide to use Fanduel again then your account will be reactivated. 

Close or Delete Your Account through Website

  1. Go to the following url

  2. On submit support ticket fill out the form detail like name, email address and subject. (Picture of form below)
  3. In the Description Box Type the reason you are closing your account and then click on SUBMIT BUTTON. Within 48 hour you will receive a message that your account is closed. (Please note, you are not required to give them a reason but they will ask if you do not).
  4. I would recommend that you also tell them to close your account by sending an email. The email will provide a time stamp of when you asked them to close your account.

Close or Delete Your Account By Sending Mail

  1. Open your registered email account and compose a new mail.
  2. Enter the following email address account to your
  3. On Subject enter the line “REQUEST TO DELETE & CLOSE MY ACCOUNT”.
  4. Now write a mail to delete your account. Provide your name, account and account user name. A reason for closing the account is also recommended but not required.