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How to Delete or Cancel a SugarHouse Account

Players who wish to close their account may request to do so by speaking to a Customer Support Agent via live chat, email or phone. The Customer Support Agent will immediately lock the players account, and verify the player’s identity by verifying their security questions. After security questions have been verified, the Customer Support Agent will forward the ticket to a member of Management and the account will be closed within 72 hours. The player will receive e-mail notification once the account has been closed.

Live Chat Support 

E-mail support 

When closing by email it is recommended that you have “Close SugarHouse Account” in the title of the email. The email will also provide a time stamp of closing the account.

Phone: (855)752-9101 

Text Support: (855)720-0419

About Sugar House Sportsbook

SugarHouse Sportsbook: From Philly Pioneer to Rivers Rebrand

While SugarHouse Sportsbook might not have the same name recognition as giants like FanDuel or DraftKings, its history intertwines with the early days of legal sports betting in the US and offers a unique perspective on the industry’s evolution. So, grab your lucky charm and delve into the story of SugarHouse, from its brick-and-mortar beginnings to its present-day transformation.

Casino Roots and Sports Betting Birth (2010-2018):

  • 2010: SugarHouse Casino opens its doors in Philadelphia, the first casino built on the site of a former sugar beet factory – a nod to the area’s history. It quickly becomes a popular destination for gaming enthusiasts in Pennsylvania.
  • 2016: SugarHouse Casino’s parent company, Rush Street Gaming, recognizes the potential of online gambling and launches, an online casino platform available in New Jersey.
  • 2018: Following the Supreme Court decision paving the way for legal sports betting, Rush Street Gaming announces the integration of a sportsbook offering into in New Jersey, marking SugarHouse’s entry into the sports betting game.

Philly’s First and National Expansion (2018-2019):

  • December 2018: SugarHouse Casino makes history by launching Philadelphia’s first retail sportsbook, offering fans a chance to wager on their favorite teams in a physical location.
  • May 2019: Capitalizing on Pennsylvania’s legalization of online sports betting, SugarHouse becomes the first casino in the state to offer online sports betting through
  • Late 2019: Rush Street Gaming announces a rebranding strategy, transforming SugarHouse Casino into Rivers Casino Philadelphia., however, retains its name, creating a dual-branding approach.

Consolidation and Continued Growth (2020-Present):

  • 2020: The COVID-19 pandemic presents challenges for brick-and-mortar casinos, but online platforms like experience a surge in activity, demonstrating the growing popularity of online sports betting.
  • 2021-Present: expands its reach, obtaining licenses and launching operations in multiple new states, including Indiana, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Virginia, and Iowa. Strategic partnerships with local casinos and sports teams continue to solidify its presence in new markets.
  • Present: Despite the rebranding of the Philadelphia casino, the SugarHouse name lives on through The platform continuously innovates, offering various betting options, promotions, and loyalty programs to attract and retain users.

Key Milestones and Impact:

  • First Mover Advantage: SugarHouse played a significant role in establishing online sports betting in Pennsylvania, securing a first-mover advantage in the state’s competitive market.
  • Regional Footprint: has carved out a niche in several key states, offering users a reliable and user-friendly betting experience.
  • Brand Identity: While the SugarHouse name no longer graces a physical casino, maintains its distinct brand identity, associated with its innovative platform and commitment to responsible gaming.

Challenges and Outlook:

  • Competition: The US sports betting market remains highly competitive, with established players and new entrants vying for market share.
  • Regulatory Landscape: Navigating the evolving regulatory landscape across different states necessitates constant adaptation and compliance.
  • Maintaining Relevance: As the market matures, needs to continue innovating its offerings and user experience to maintain its appeal to bettors.

SugarHouse Sportsbook’s journey is far from over. Though rebranded, the name still carries the legacy of being a pioneer in the early days of legal sports betting. As the industry continues to evolve,’s success will hinge on its ability to leverage its established presence, embrace innovation, and adapt to the changing competitive landscape. Whether it emerges as a regional contender or becomes a national player, one thing is certain: SugarHouse’s story serves as a fascinating chapter in the ever-evolving world of sports betting in the US.

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