ESPN Bet How to cancel an account

How to Delete or Cancel a ESPN Bet Account


It is impossible to “delete” a ESPN Bet sports betting account. You can deactivate / close the account but it will not technically be deleted. The reason for this is the welcome bonus. ESPN Bet will keep your information on file to prevent a customer from closing an account and then reopening a new account and receiving another welcome bonus.

To cancel an ESPN Bet account you will need to contact customer service directly.

Need help with your ESPN BET issue or question, contact an ESPN BET Specialist directly at, or click here>>> and start a live chat any time of day or night. ESPN BET is owned and operated by PENN Entertainment, Inc. 

ESPN Bet is difficult to cancel compared to other sportsbooks. You will need to contact customer support and answer several questions to prove it is you. This added inconvenience can have only one reason. To prevent you from cancelling your account.


About ESPN Bet

ESPN Bet: A New Contender in the Sports Betting Game

ESPN Bet, launched in November 2023, is still a fresh face in the burgeoning world of legal sports betting in the United States.

Early Steps and Partnerships (2021-2023):

While seemingly sudden, ESPN’s interest in sports betting didn’t emerge overnight. As early as 2021, reports surfaced of the network exploring partnerships with established sportsbooks like DraftKings and Caesars. This signaled a shift in perception, as ESPN initially maintained a distance from the gambling industry due to ethical concerns.

The turning point came in August 2023, when ESPN and Penn Entertainment, owner of Barstool Sports and several casinos, announced a groundbreaking deal. Penn’s existing Barstool Sportsbook would be rebranded as ESPN Bet, effectively leveraging ESPN’s massive brand recognition and content reach. This strategic move gave ESPN a foot in the door without directly operating the sportsbook, ensuring compliance with gaming regulations.

Launch and Initial Reception (November 2023):

On November 14, 2023, ESPN Bet officially launched across 17 states, featuring a sleek app and website. The debut garnered significant media attention, with experts and fans alike eager to see how ESPN would navigate this new territory. Early reviews praised the user-friendly interface and integration with ESPN content, providing instant access to odds and stats alongside familiar programs.

However, concerns arose regarding potential conflicts of interest. Critics questioned how ESPN would maintain journalistic integrity while promoting its own betting platform. ESPN addressed these concerns by establishing clear editorial guidelines, separating content and betting information.

Challenges and Opportunities :

ESPN Bet finds itself in a highly competitive market dominated by established players like FanDuel and DraftKings. Its success hinges on several factors:

  • Content integration: Leveraging its vast library of sports programming and expert talent to create engaging and informative betting experiences.
  • Responsible gaming: Addressing concerns about addiction and promoting responsible gambling practices.
  • State-by-state expansion: Navigating the complex legal landscape and securing licenses in new markets.
  • Brand trust: Maintaining the ESPN brand’s reputation for reliability and ethical journalism while operating in the gambling industry.

ESPN Bet’s future, in many ways, reflects the broader trajectory of legal sports betting in the US. The industry is expected to experience continued growth, but competition will remain fierce. By leveraging its unique strengths and navigating the ethical landscape carefully, ESPN Bet has the potential to carve out a significant space in this dynamic market.

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