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Draftkings NFT Marketplace 

DraftKings Marketplace 101

How do I access it?

Customers will be able to access and transact on DraftKings Marketplace with their existing DraftKings account. Once live, new customers can register through the DraftKings Marketplace website or through our daily fantasy or gaming products. DraftKings Marketplace will be available on desktop and mobile through the DraftKings Marketplace website or will be accessible via our daily fantasy and gaming applications. All customers must agree to DraftKings Marketplace terms of use and DraftKings Marketplace privacy policy before transacting on DraftKings Marketplace. You must be 18+ and located in any of the 50 US states to buy and sell NFTs on DraftKings Marketplace. Must be 19 years of age in Alabama and Nebraska. Must be 21 years of age in Iowa, Louisiana, and Massachusetts

What should I do to prepare for the first drop?

Customers must have a verified DraftKings account. Already a customer? Make sure your current DraftKings account is verified ahead of time. 

What currency can I purchase NFTs with?

DraftKings Marketplace allows purchases with USD.

What is a Drop?

A drop is a release of a single or collection of NFTs on DraftKings Marketplace at a specified date. Drops are the process of DraftKings listing new NFTs on DraftKings Marketplace, and any NFTs added via drops will be referred to as the primary market.

What is a Portfolio?

A Portfolio is where a customer can view the NFTs they own within DraftKings Marketplace. To start, this feature will be a private listing and will be expanded to allow public sharing at a later date.

What NFTs will DraftKings Marketplace offer?

We expect to drop millions of NFTs for purchase – everything from sports to entertainment to culture.

What do people get when buying an NFT on DraftKings Marketplace?

Customers get an NFT minted on an eco-friendly Ethereum Layer 2 solution, stored within their DraftKings Marketplace portfolio and available to resell. DraftKings Marketplace anticipates that it will support the withdrawal of NFTs to external wallets by the end of the year.

How will NFT editions function?

Each collectable in the first NFT collection for DraftKings Marketplace will feature a fixed number of serialized editions. Upon purchase, customers will receive a single NFT edition of the collectible that they are purchasing. The inaugural batch of DraftKings Marketplace NFTs will feature Autograph co-founder and the G.O.A.T. himself, Tom Brady.

What is the secondary-sales market?

Owners of NFTs on DraftKings Marketplace can list their NFTs for sale to other DraftKings Marketplace customers. Once marked for sale, with a chosen selling price, the NFT will appear on the DraftKings Marketplace secondary market. Customers will be able to browse all available NFTs within the secondary market and can opt to purchase based on the selling price.

Draftkings Tom Brady NFT

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