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Worst Sportsbook
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William Hill Sportsbook Review & Rating

William Hill is our lowest rated sportsbook. Caesars has purchased William Hill so this review is based on the current sports betting operation and there is a lot of hope that the new owners will upgrade the sportsbook.

The app is a joke. It has a very limited betting menu and a history of going down at all of the wrong times. I lived in Nevada and the app would fail on Sunday mornings when it was time to bet on NFL games. It was so bad that we would take cash with us to bet just incase our accounts were not accessible. The bonus is so bad that it is almost a slap in the face and the rewards program was non existent but the new Caesars program is a good one. William Hill was notorious for shutting down winning players. You could bet for a year and lose but the moment you were on a winning streak William Hill would limit your betting. How could William Hill get away with this? The company bought up several sprotsbooks and is a functional monopoly in Nevada outside of the Vegas Strip. Even in Vegas the sportsbook is ubiquitous and has used this to offer second rate odds along with a third rate betting menu to abuse square bettors in Vegas for a vacation. There is no reason to have William Hill on your phone if there is any other choice.

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