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Draftkings Sportsbook Ratings

Draftkings recently downgraded. The reason is the sports betting menu. While the menu looks to be top of the line it really isn’t. The odds offered on the app are not often available at a retail location or on the kiosk. The lines are for the most part deceptive advertising and Draftkings should have been held accountable for this but unfortunately the gaming commissions want the tax money and have let DK get away with this.

I have been in a casino to make a bet and the lines offered on NHL games on the app were extensive. However, at the kiosk and at the betting window none of the lines other than the basic game & first period lines were available.
Not available in person but available on the app: 3 way regulation lines, first scorer, last scorer, anytime scorer, 2nd period lines, 3rd period lines, OT lines, race to 3, 4, 5, goals. correct score prop.
Other than that the betting menu is great.

Draftkings is far ahead of anything you will find in a Las Vegas sportsbook. Sadly, Nevada sportsbooks became complacent with their sports betting monopoly and never developed the full online betting menu of offshore sportsbooks. Draftkings however, has not only matched but taken the lead in offering the best sports betting menu in the US. Even if you open an account at another sportsbook, Draftkings should be your second account. The opportunity for line shopping and prop betting makes Draftkings our top choice for legal sports betting in the US.