Circa Sportsbook App Review


4.04 Rating

Good Sportsbook
  • Betting Menu
  • Bonuses
  • Customer Service
  • Live Betting
  • Retention Offers
  • Security


Circa Sportsbook Review & Rating

The Circa sportsbook app is an average app when it comes to the betting menu. What makes Circa on of the better sports betting apps is the higher limits available. If you are a professional gambler or someone who tends to bet five digits then Circa is the sportsbook for you. While the betting menu isn’t nearly as robust as Draftkings or Fanduel. Fair lines and higher limits are what you need to make a living wagering. Another selling point on Circa is the physical sportsbook in Las Vegas. Using the app to earn rewards that can be used to book a room and get a reservation for the sportsbook are a top reward for people who bet on sports daily. It is well worth it to be in Vegas for March Madness if you can get a reservation on Circa.

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