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4.28 Rating

Average Sportsbook
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Bet365 Sportsbook Rating

Bet365 has been in business for over 20 years in the United Kingdom. The betting menu and interface are good but not outstanding. The live betting interface on the computer is easy to navigate and make bets fast. The app has all of the bets that would be expected. Bet365 was once one of the leaders in the online sports betting world but the features offered have been copied by several other sportsbooks.
An advantage that Bet365 has is that it has a large user base and deep pockets. This does allow Bet365 to move fast in an area when it becomes popular.
Overall, Bet365 is a solid sportsbook but like many in this market it does not really standout with sports or bets offered. In the UK Bet365 is known for having a top of the line customer service department and there is no reason to expect any less in the US. Where Bet365 fails is with the bonus and rewards programs. Neither offers any real incentive to make Bet365 your sportsbook.

Bet365 Sportsbook Review 2023


Bet365 key features

Live betting

This is an area where Bet365 is worth having a at least a second sportsbook. I wouldn’t open an account just for the live betting platform but I would want it for fast line shopping. If you are a regular with in-play sports betting then I recommend using Bet365 on your desktop. Live betting shopping should always be done on a desktop with all of your books open in a tab.

Early cash out

This feature has become very common with sportsbooks. An example would be if you had bet the over on an NFL game such as the Buccaneers vs Chiefs in the Super Bowl and the score after 3 quarters was 21 to 21 with the total set at 48.5. While you haven’t won the bet yet, there is a good likelihood that you will. Bet365 will let you take the win now and not risk the game going under the total. Now, you won’t get full credit for the win but you will get paid now. This means you can use the win to make more in-play wagers.

Live streaming

Another service that was offered by big players like Bet365 that has become more common with sportsbooks as they add partnership deals with sports leagues and media outlets. Some games will be available for live streaming within the sports betting interface. Sportsbooks are doing everything they can to maximize live betting opportunities.


I wouldn’t join Bet365 for the casino games offered. There are many other platforms that offer the same games with a betting welcome bonus. If you do like to play some games on the side, Then Bet365 can accommodate you but, if you a casino game regular then shop around for a better bonus and rewards program.

bet365 Mastercard

Offered in New Jersey the bet365 Mastercard works just like any other debit card. One thing I say I do like about Bet365 is the ability to access my money fast. Did you have a big win today? Want to buy some new clothes or go out on the town and enjoy it? With the Bet365 Mastercard you can. This is an area where Mastercard & Visa have not delivered yet. A debit card that would allow access to all of my sportsbook accounts. Maybe one day but for now I really like this feature.

Bet365 sports available

Each state can limit what sports can be bet on so the menu can change. Some states do not allow betting on college games played by teams in the state. Some may ban pro teams in their state. Below is a general betting menu of available sports for most states served by Fanduel.

·        Baseball

·        Basketball

·        Boxing

·        Football

·        Golf

·        Hockey

·        MMA

·        NASCAR

·        Soccer

·        Tennis

Bet365 Bet Options

Big matches come with plenty of betting options across different categories. The bookmaker is really aiming to have something for everyone.

  • Spread
  • Money Line
  • Total
  • Props / Team & Player
  • In-play / Live Betting
  • Futures Bets
  • Parlays
  • Teasers
  • Asian handicap
  • Derivatives
  • Alternative Spreads
  • Alternative Totals

Bet365 Sports Betting App

The Bet365 is available for Android and iOS. The bet365 app supports live betting, live streaming, and early cash-out, The interface is easy to navigate. As always, I recommend that you take the time to get used to the differences in the mobile interface as compared to the desktop.  Users can sign in using their fingerprint if this is supported on your phone.

One reason to test out the app before you deposit is to make sure it operates on your phones software version and that the geo-location works properly. Download the app and signup without making a deposit. The geo-location will attempt to verify that you are within the state licensed by Bet365. Once you have been verified and you have looked at a few betting options to make sure the app does not lockup on your phone. Then it is time to make a deposit and get started.


Depositing money into Bet365 Sportbook

The minimum deposit is $10 and the wagering requirements are as low as 20x, which is much lower than we’ve seen at other NJ online casinos.

Deposits can be made through:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • PayNearME (7-11 stores)
  • Wire Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Cash
  • e-Check

Withdrawals can be made by:

  • Paypal
  • Check
  • Cash
  • ACH
  • e-Check

Making a Bet

Making bets is easy with the app or on your computer. The app screen has useful easy to read links at the top for you to choose the sports you want from the icons. Choose NFL or MLB and a list of games available is presented. Spreads, totals and money lines are readily available. I do like the in-play betting screen for mobile wagering and if you will be making live bets then this app is a good one for it.

On a desktop the screen is well laid out and within a few minutes you should be able to learn the interface and move quickly to any bet type. Bet365 was once the leader in this area but others have copied it enough that it no longer stands out but is still a very intuitive interface.

Below are a couple of pics of the desktop interface.

Bet365 Betting Menu

Drilling down one level into a game.

Bet365 Live Betting

Free Bets and Promotions

In New Jersey Bet365 offers up to $500 of betting credits for ew customers only. Make a qualifying deposit (min $10), place bets to deposit value, once they are settled, matched amount in Bet Credits available to use. Bet Credits risk excluded from returns.

Bet Credits are funds that can be used to place bets on your account, without risking your own cash. Any returns from bets placed with Bet Credits are added to your Withdrawable Balance and the Bet Credits risk is excluded from returns. You can also fund a bet with a combination of Bet Credits and cash.

You can check if you are eligible for any Bet Credit offers by logging in to your account, selecting Services and then choosing My Offers. Within My Offers you can also claim any available offers and view the Full Terms and Conditions.

Your available Bet Credits are displayed alongside your withdrawable balance.

Bet Credits do not have a fixed expiry date attached to them. Your Bet Credits will however be forfeit and removed if your account is inactive for 90 consecutive days.

How to use

To use your Bet Credits, enter your risk amount and then select “Use Bet Credits” on the bet slip before placing your bet. Once your bet is placed and confirmed, it can be viewed within My Bets, or your account History.

If the bet is a winner, your winnings will be credited as cash to your Withdrawable Balance. Returns exclude Bet Credits risk.

You can view the Terms and Conditions for any offers you have available or claimed within the Bet Credits section of Members.

Account Management

Each state has it’s own verification process so be flexible but these are the requirements for New Jersey.

Note: Do not wait until the day of an event to open your account. It make take several days to a week to get verified. This is one reason why offshore accounts are still so popular.

Email Verification

If you have made a deposit, you are eligible to complete Email verification. This contributes towards completing step 2 of our Verification process.

Select resend verification email on the Know Your Customer page to request your email verification. Once you have received the email, you can then click on the link provided and confirm that your details are correct.

KYC Requirements

When completing our Know Your Customer process you may be required to correctly answer three multiple choice questions about yourself or provide a government issued ID in order to complete verification.

Documents Rejected

Occasionally, we may contact you if we are unable to successfully verify your document.

The most common reasons why your document has been rejected are:

– The full document was not displayed (all four corners could not be seen)
– The document was out of date
– The document was not supported
– The image was not clear

Verification Process

our full name and date of birth must be verified prior to being able to make a deposit. As such, we may request identification from you.

Our verification process follows the below simple steps:

Step 1 – Verify your full name and date of birth
Step 2 – Verify your residential address

If you are sending in documents to complete both of these steps, please ensure you use a different document for each step.

Verification Timeframe

Bet365 aims to review all documents within 48 hours. Occasionally, due to high volumes, there may be a delay in reviewing any documents sent in by email. Please rest assured that Bet365 will review your documents as soon as possible and once the review is complete we will notify you via email.

You can check on your verification status via the Know Your Customer section in the Members area.

Once your account is fully verified, you will normally be able to deposit, place bets, withdraw and use our full range of bet365 services.

Providing a Social Security Number

In accordance with our regulatory requirements you must provide the last four digits of your Social Security Number when registering an account.

You will be required to enter this number on the Join form when registering your account.

Once you have provided us with your Social Security information, it will be used to help verify your identity as part of our Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Know Your Customer (KYC) must be completed and your account fully verified, prior to being able to make a deposit.

It is important that we are able to positively identify our customers to comply with both regulatory requirements and to help ensure the security of accounts. In order to achieve this we may request identification from our customers.

Visit our dedicated Know Your Customer (KYC) page which provides an explanation of our KYC requirements and guides you through the verification process.

Once your account is fully verified, you will normally be able to deposit, place bets, withdraw and use our full range of bet365 services.

Varication of Documents

The quickest way to verify your documents is to upload these via the Know Your Customer (KYC) section of the website, where you will also find guidance on our KYC requirements and how to complete the verification process.

Once your account is fully verified, you will normally be able to deposit, place bets, withdraw and use our full range of bet365 services.

Incorrect Information

Your address and contact details can be accessed and amended via the Members area. Some details such as your name, date of birth, and cardholder name cannot be altered for security reasons. You should Contact Us immediately if these details require corrections.

Enhanced Verification

It is important that we are able to positively identify our customers to comply with both our regulatory requirements and to help ensure the security of accounts. As such, we may be required to conduct enhanced verification following our Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

We will contact you should this be necessary and will let you know what information or documentation we require.

bet365’s Regulatory Requirements

In order to comply with our regulatory requirements, it is important that we take steps to help ensure that gambling is fair and open, not linked to crime and does not lead to harm.

This means that at times we need to ask you for your assistance to be able to confirm your identity and show that you have sufficient funds to support your gambling activity. Where such information is required, your bet365 account may be subject to certain restrictions until you have provided the requested information and documentation in order to satisfy these checks.

Information to Verify Your Identity

In order to verify your identity, we may ask you to provide a copy of photographic ID such as a copy of your passport, ID card, driving license or a document confirming your residential address such as a utility bill.

All copies of personal identification must contain photographic ID and should clearly display your full name, date of birth and have a valid document expiry date. Please note, if your identity document has an expiry date on the back this will also need to be included.

Information to Verify Your Funds

In order to verify the source of the funds you use to bet with, we may ask you to provide additional information and documentation that shows you have sufficient funds to support your gambling activity. This might include information such as your occupation and salary, supported by documentation such as a copy of your bank statement or Pay Stub.

Although we may require employment details, we will not contact your employer as part of these checks. We will let you know what information or documentation we require as part of the enhanced verification process.

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