The 2019 NFL season is starts on Thursday September 5th with the Green Bay Packers playing the Chicago Bears. Most people only bet on the outcome of each game. They are missing a great opportunity to make a season bet and get a good return if your prognostication is correct. Making futures bets is not for everyone. First of all, you will lock up your money until the season is over. Secondly, your great pick might fall apart if your quarterback gets hurt. However, if you do your research and spread your money around then there is value in making an NFL futures bet. To help you out lets take a look at the most overrated teams.

About Super Bowl LIV (Super Bowl 54)

When: Sunday February 2, 2020

TV: Fox

Where: Miami Florida

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NFL Most Overrated Teams for 2019

Los Angeles Rams +750 to win Super Bowl 54

The Rams made it to the Super Bowl last season and are one of the favorites to make it to the Super Bowl this season. Lets face facts. They got to the Super Bowl on a bad call in the Saints game and the great offense was held down the whole game by the Patriots defense. This season Todd Gurley is a big question mark. The plan is not to play him as much so he will be fresh at the end of the season. Without Gurley providing a threat on the ground the Rams will lose one of the best weapons they have…the play action pass. Quarterback Jared Goff looked lost in the Super Bowl. Every team just needs to spend a few hours going over the Patriots game film to see that Goff just isn’t that talented of a quarterback. The defense is solid but can breakdown against the run. There is no value in taking them at this price. Wait and see how Todd Gurly plays this season before making any futures bet on the Rams.

Houston Texans +3300 to win Super Bowl 54

There is a lot of love for Houston. They have one of the best NFL players in J.J. Watt. A top wideout in DeAndre Hopkins and a budding super star at quarterback with Deshaun Watson. Well, the first two anyway. I look at Watson and I see another Robert Griffin. He will show flashes of taking over games but will he last? I don’t think he will. In fact, my futures bet on Houston will not be made before the season. I will wait for 2 or 3 games and hope that the Texans win and Watson is getting a lot of hype. By the middle of the season his skinny ass will either be injured or wore down by the hits he takes. Deshaun Watson is more likely to end up on the IR than in a Super Bowl. Without him the offense will sink again.

Kansas City Chiefs +800 to win Super Bowl 54

They were almost in the Super Bowl last year with a close loss to the Patriots at home in the AFC Championship Game. This season won’t be as easy as last season was for the Chiefs offense. Kareem Hunt was the key to the offense. When he was on the field the Chiefs could get a big play running or receiving and both were available from Hunt. The defenses could not drop their linebackers deep into coverage because Hunt would take a one yard pass and turn it into a twenty yard gain. The Chiefs are also dealing with the off the field problems of Tyreek Hill. The prosecutor looks like he stopped pursuing the case but the NFL cannot just let this go. Child abuse accusation ended Adrian Peterson’s season and they most likely will do the same for Hill. Even if he does come back for the second part of the season it is a big question that his head will still be on football. Add to the offensive problems that the defense was awful last season and has not made the moves to be anything above mediocre this season. Patrick Mahomes might end up like Aaron Rodgers. A lot of big stats on a team that just doesn’t have the talent to get to the Super Bowl.

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NFL Most Underrated Teams for 2019

New Orleans Saints +800 to win Super Bowl 54

At +800 it isn’t easy to say the Saints are underrated. However, the Saints were the best team in the NFC last season and would have provided a much better contest against the Patriots in the Super Bowl. I can’t see the Patriots shutting down Drew Brees as bad as Jared Goff was controlled. Yes, Mark Ingram has gone but they still have talent on offense to put up some record numbers. The defense is solid. The one thing that really stands out for the Saint is Sean Payton. The man is a winner and how last season ended has to just get under his skin. Add to that, Drew Brees is closing in on the end of a Hall of Fame career and you have the one last dance mentality. If the Saints make it to the NFC Championship game this season. Expect them to try and run up the score so they do not have to worry about an official making a bad call. The Saints are my pick to win Super Bowl 54.

Philadelphia Eagles +1600 to win Super Bowl 54

I have the Eagles playing the Saints in the AFC Championship game. Who will win if that happens? Me for one since I will have a futures bet on both of them. I do like the Saints to get to the Super Bowl but if the game is in Philadelphia then it could come down to the last play. The big question for the Eagles is can Carson Wentz stay healthy? He has been in the league long enough to know he can’t just take all of those hits like he did in college. He has to play smart and avoid contact for the first three quarters of a game. If in the fourth quarter the Eagles are up big then get through the game without taking any big hits. If it is close in the fourth quarter then it is worth the risk to win the game. Adding DeSean Jackson in a trade should help was another good off season move. The Eagles have had to make changes on the defensive line. The Eagles may have lost top talent but they have made up for that with depth. One more big reason to like the Eagles this season. Look at the crappy division they play in.

Jacksonville Jaguars +3300 to win Super Bowl 54

Jacksonville finally has a quarterback. Blake Bortles held back this team and without him they are better. Just having a quarterback with the ability to read a defense means that Leonard Fournette should have more room to run. The Jags will still be a run first team and that should work to the advantage of Nick Foles. He won’t have to win games on his own but if there are close games then he will be able to make that final drive to get the win. To remind you of just how bad Bortles was in the last five weeks of last season, the Jaguars scored 6, 9, 13, 17, and 3 points. Any questions on why they only won 5 games last year. A mediocre quarterback should be able to get this team to 8 wins and a talented and admittedly streaky quarterback like Foles has the ability to to beat anybody if they make the playoffs. I just want to remind everyone of what the Jags did two season ago in the playoffs. They can make another run this year. My prediction is still for the Patriots to go to the Super Bowl again but at +3300 I can’t pass up the Jags. I also like the over in the season win total for the Jags.

Win Total: 8 Over (+115)