Super Bowl 57 Prop Bet Results

Super Bowl 57 Prop Bet Results Eagles vs Chiefs

What were the player prop betting results for Super Bowl 57 between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs?

PlayerBetting EventTeamPOSPropLineOddsResultMarginO/U
Patrick Mahomes II CompletionsKCQB25.5-13021-4.5Under
Patrick Mahomes II InterceptionsKCQB0.5-1200-0.5Under
Patrick Mahomes II Pass & Rush YardsKCQB314.5-11544-270.5Under
Patrick Mahomes II Passing AttemptsKCQB38.5-15027-11.5Under
Patrick Mahomes II Passing TouchdownsKCQB2.512530.5Over
Patrick Mahomes II Passing TouchdownsKCQB0.5-110032.5Over
Patrick Mahomes II Passing TouchdownsKCQB1.5-21031.5Over
Patrick Mahomes II Passing TouchdownsKCQB3.54253-0.5Under
Patrick Mahomes II Passing YardsKCQB290.5-150182-108.5Under
Patrick Mahomes II Rushing AttemptsKCQB4.510061.5Over
Patrick Mahomes II Rushing YardsKCQB18.5-1254425.5Over
Jalen Hurts CompletionsPHIQB21.5-115275.5Over
Jalen Hurts InterceptionsPHIQB0.51250-0.5Under
Jalen Hurts Pass & Rush YardsPHIQB290.5-11570-220.5Under
Jalen Hurts Passing AttemptsPHIQB32.5-115385.5Over
Jalen Hurts Passing TouchdownsPHIQB1.5-1201-0.5Under
Jalen Hurts Passing TouchdownsPHIQB0.5-47510.5Over
Jalen Hurts Passing TouchdownsPHIQB2.53001-1.5Under
Jalen Hurts Passing TouchdownsPHIQB3.58001-2.5Under
Jalen Hurts Passing YardsPHIQB239.5-11530464.5Over
Jalen Hurts Rushing AttemptsPHIQB10.5-125154.5Over
Jalen Hurts Rushing YardsPHIQB48.5-1457021.5Over
JuJu Smith-Schuster Longest ReceptionKCWR17.5-10514-3.5Under
JuJu Smith-Schuster Receiving YardsKCWR35.5-1155317.5Over
JuJu Smith-Schuster ReceptionsKCWR3.5-12573.5Over
Justin Watson Receiving YardsKCWR16.5-105181.5Over
Marquez Valdes-Scantling Longest ReceptionKCWR18.5-1150-18.5Under
Marquez Valdes-Scantling Receiving YardsKCWR38.5-1150-38.5Under
Marquez Valdes-Scantling ReceptionsKCWR3.51500-3.5Under
Kadarius Toney Longest ReceptionNYGWR16.5-1055-11.5Under
Kadarius Toney Receiving YardsNYGWR28.5-1255-23.5Under
Kadarius Toney ReceptionsNYGWR2.5-1651-1.5Under
A.J. Brown Longest ReceptionPHIWR26.5-1154518.5Over
A.J. Brown Receiving YardsPHIWR71.5-1159624.5Over
A.J. Brown ReceptionsPHIWR5.511060.5Over
DeVonta Smith Longest ReceptionPHIWR25.5-1154519.5Over
DeVonta Smith Receiving YardsPHIWR64.5-12510035.5Over
DeVonta Smith ReceptionsPHIWR5.511571.5Over
Quez Watkins Longest ReceptionPHIWR8.5-1158-0.5Under
Quez Watkins Receiving YardsPHIWR12.5-1158-4.5Under
Quez Watkins ReceptionsPHIWR1.51701-0.5Under
Zach Pascal Receiving YardsPHIWR5.5-115115.5Over
Noah Gray Longest ReceptionKCTE9.5-1156-3.5Under
Noah Gray Receiving YardsKCTE12.5-1156-6.5Under
Noah Gray ReceptionsKCTE1.5-1051-0.5Under
Travis Kelce Longest ReceptionKCTE22.5-11522-0.5Under
Travis Kelce Receiving YardsKCTE79.5-125811.5Over
Travis Kelce ReceptionsKCTE7.5-1256-1.5Under
Dallas Goedert Longest ReceptionPHITE16.5-145170.5Over
Dallas Goedert Receiving YardsPHITE49.5-1206010.5Over
Dallas Goedert ReceptionsPHITE4.5-17061.5Over
Isiah Pacheco Longest RushKCRB13.5-1152410.5Over
Isiah Pacheco Receiving YardsKCRB16.5-1350-16.5Under
Isiah Pacheco ReceptionsKCRB1.5-2000-1.5Under
Isiah Pacheco Rush & Rec YardsKCRB65.5-1157610.5Over
Isiah Pacheco Rushing AttemptsKCRB11.5-115153.5Over
Isiah Pacheco Rushing YardsKCRB47.5-1157628.5Over
Jerick McKinnon Longest RushKCRB7.5100146.5Over
Jerick McKinnon Receiving YardsKCRB21.5-11515-6.5Under
Jerick McKinnon ReceptionsKCRB3.51453-0.5Under
Jerick McKinnon Rush & Rec YardsKCRB44.5-115494.5Over
Jerick McKinnon Rushing AttemptsKCRB4.5-1454-0.5Under
Jerick McKinnon Rushing YardsKCRB20.5-1153413.5Over
Boston Scott Longest RushPHIRB5.510093.5Over
Boston Scott Rushing YardsPHIRB9.5-1058-1.5Under
Kenneth Gainwell Receiving YardsPHIRB11.5-135208.5Over
Kenneth Gainwell ReceptionsPHIRB1.5-16042.5Over
Kenneth Gainwell Rush & Rec YardsPHIRB36.5-115414.5Over
Kenneth Gainwell Rushing AttemptsPHIRB4.5-15072.5Over
Kenneth Gainwell Rushing YardsPHIRB21.5-12521-0.5Under
Kenneth GainwellLongest RushPHIRB8.5-11590.5Over
Miles Sanders Longest RushPHIRB14.5-1106-8.5Under
Miles Sanders Receiving YardsPHIRB5.5-1150-5.5Under
Miles Sanders ReceptionsPHIRB1.51550-1.5Under
Miles Sanders Rush & Rec YardsPHIRB65.5-11516-49.5Under
Miles Sanders Rushing AttemptsPHIRB13.5-1057-6.5Under
Miles Sanders Rushing YardsPHIRB60.5-13516-44.5Under
Harrison Butker Kicking PointsKCK7.5-12580.5Over
Jake Elliott Kicking PointsPHIK7.511091.5Over
Chris Jones Tackles & AssistsKCDEF3.51103-0.5Under
Frank Clark Tackles & AssistsKCDEF2.5-1351-1.5Under
Juan Thornhill Tackles & AssistsKCDEF5.51205-0.5Under
Justin Reid Tackles & AssistsKCDEF5.510071.5Over
L’Jarius Sneed Tackles & AssistsKCDEF6.511070.5Over
Nick Bolton Tackles & AssistsKCDEF10.5-1059-1.5Under
Trent McDuffie Tackles & AssistsKCDEF4.511050.5Over
Willie Gay Jr. Tackles & AssistsKCDEF5.5-11582.5Over
C.J. Gardner-Johnson Tackles & AssistsPHIDEF5.5-1154-1.5Under
Darius Slay Tackles & AssistsPHIDEF3.5-13040.5Over
Fletcher Cox Tackles & AssistsPHIDEF2.51401-1.5Under
Haason Reddick Tackles & AssistsPHIDEF3.51101-2.5Under
James Bradberry Tackles & AssistsPHIDEF3.515051.5Over
Javon Hargrave Tackles & AssistsPHIDEF2.5-12052.5Over
Josh Sweat Tackles & AssistsPHIDEF2.5-1451-1.5Under
Josh Sweat Tackles & AssistsPHIDEF2.5-1601-1.5Under
Kyzir White Tackles & AssistsPHIDEF6.51054-2.5Under
Marcus Epps Tackles & AssistsPHIDEF5.512060.5Over
T.J. Edwards Tackles & AssistsPHIDEF8.51106-2.5Under

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