Super Bowl LV Exact Outcome Futures Bets * William Hill * Fanduel * Draftkings Odds

I normally do not like futures betting. I don’t like to have my money on hold for six months waiting for an outcome. This season was even worse because the thought of making a futures bet in August only to have the season cancelled in December would have meant having a large chuck of my bankroll on hold with nothing to show for it.

However, now that the playoffs are about to start a futures bet on the Super Bowl will only take a month to decide. With that thought it is time to delve into some futures odds. I am using the odds from Drafktings, Fanduel and William Hill. The odds are exact result outcomes. This means I am picking the winner and loser of Super Bowl 55.

One reason that I do like to place some money down now is that the odds are not true odds. By this I mean that the odds do not reflect the likelihood of an outcome but instead they reflect the need of the sportsbooks to limit liability. If a sportsbook has taken too many bets on the Chiefs to win it all then they will lower the odds on the exact outcome. This creates different odds at different sportsbooks and provides me with an opportunity to line shop.

Who to bet to win Super Bowl 55?

The obvious answer is the winner. But, who? With futures exact outcomes betting on the favorites provides a good return on my money. Or at least a way to spread my money around with a good upside if I am right. This season I am strongly leaning toward the favorites. The Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers and, New Orleans Saints.

Take a look at the odds then let the betting begin.

Super Bowl LV Futures Betting Matrix

WinnerLoserDraftkingsFanduelWilliam Hill
Kansas City ChiefsGreen Bay Packers675700500
Kansas City ChiefsNew Orleans Saints10001000750
Green Bay PackersKansas City Chiefs90010001000
Green Bay PackersBuffalo Bills200020002000
Buffalo BillsGreen Bay Packers200022001400
Buffalo BillsNew Orleans Saints280031002200
New Orleans SaintsKansas City Chiefs140013001700
New Orleans SaintsBuffalo Bills330028003500

As you can see the odds do differ from sportsbook to sportsbook. There are 8 possible outcomes. If I bet one hundred dollars on each outcome I will have wagered a total of eight hundred dollars.

Now, lets take a look at the best return for each outcome.

Chiefs beat Packers +700

Chiefs beat Saints +1000

Packers beat Chiefs +1000

Packers beat Bills +2000

Bills beat Packers +2200

Bills beat Saints +3100

Saints beat Chiefs +1700

Saints beat Bills +3500

Why make these bets?

The “worst” payout from these bets is +700 on the Chiefs beating the Packers. That would mean you bet $800 and only won $700 for a net loss of $100. But, look at some of the other returns. If the Packers beat the Chiefs the payout on a $100 bet is $1,000. Of course the big risk is that one of the longshots gets into the Super Bowl. But, if you like one of them then add it on too. Just think, if the Saints or Bills make it to the Super Bowl you can be looking at a big payday.