We are a couple of months into the season so it is a good time to take another look at futures odds for the 2019 World Series. It should be no surprise that the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers are both favored to win it all at +400 on a futures bet. If you want to take a real gamble then the Kansas City Royals, Baltimore Orioles, Miami Marlins and, Toronto Blue Jays are all listed at +100000.

Odds on which team will win the World Series from BetOnline.ag

If you are going to make a futures bet then you always should shop around for the best odds. Futures odds at this point in the season are not only based on how likely a sportsbook thinks a team is to win it all but also on the sportsbooks liability from previous bets. A sportsbook manager may really not like the Yankees to win it all but he still needs to post lower odds because of all of the Yankee money he took in before the season began.

World Series odds from BetOnline.ag

Odds to Win the 2019 World Series

4961Houston Astros+400
4964Los Angeles Dodgers+400
4969New York Yankees+500
4967Minnesota Twins+650
4955Chicago Cubs+1200
4971Philadelphia Phillies+1200
4954Boston Red Sox+1400
4966Milwaukee Brewers+1400
4977Tampa Bay Rays+1400
4952Atlanta Braves+2200
4959Colorado Rockies+2500
4976St. Louis Cardinals+2500
4958Cleveland Indians+3300
4968New York Mets+3300
4980Washington Nationals+3300
4973San Diego Padres+5000
4951Arizona Diamondbacks+6600
4970Oakland Athletics+8000
4972Pittsburgh Pirates+10000
4978Texas Rangers+10000
4963Los Angeles Angels+15000
4956Chicago White Sox+25000
4957Cincinnati Reds+25000
4960Detroit Tigers+50000
4974San Francisco Giants+50000
4975Seattle Mariners+50000
4953Baltimore Orioles+100000
4962Kansas City Royals+100000
4965Miami Marlins+100000
4979Toronto Blue Jays+100000

Two teams I like to Win the World Series

Enough games have been played to make a judgement on how good a team is and how likely they are to make the playoffs. The two teams I like now and have liked since April are the Minnesota Twins and Atlanta Braves. The Twins are further along in their development and the win total proves it. They are also +650 to win it all. With a excellent shot at winning the division and avoiding the one game Wild Card the Twins have an advantage over the Yankees, Red Sox and, Rays. All three are good teams but only one can win the division with the other teams relegated to a one game playoff that sucks up the best starting pitcher on the team.

The Atlanta Braves are now +2200 to win it all after signing Dallas Keuchel. They were winning games without but they still lacked a big time starting pitcher with his type of experience. It will take him a month or two to get in top form but he should be ready for the playoffs.